Our commitment to Ukraine

Largest humanitarian project in the history of the association (since the end of February 2022)

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine , we have been committed to helping the people in need. Within a few days, a call for donations via our social media became the largest aid project in the history of Menschenfreude e.V.

Saturday at the Swisttal warehouse: 40 tons of food, 12 vans, 24 drivers (March 2, 2022).

100 helpers – 40 tons of food directly to Ukraine – 12 vans with trailers on the way to refugee camps in Warsaw and Chelm – 24 drivers. The first packing action in the yard of our warehouse in Swisttal is the beginning of our help for the needy people in Ukraine.

First aid transport to the Polish-Ukrainian border (March 8 - 15, 2022).

The first aid convoy went first to Warsaw and Chelm in Poland. In specially converted churches, volunteers offered refuge and protection to hundreds of refugees night after night. Mostly mothers with small children. Our team delivered sleeping bags, blankets as well as hygiene items. We also distributed donations at train stations and at the Dorohusk border crossing.

On the way back to Germany we were able to take 37 people to safety. For all of them we had organized a place to stay at short notice – within 24 hours. Partly in refugee shelters, partly in our families.

Engagement of families, kindergartens and schools for Ukraine

In the course of our fundraising activities, more and more helpers have joined, which we are very happy about. In addition to
numerous companies and organizations, whom we thank very much in our blog post
, many families, children, parents, kindergartens and schools also got involved. The colorful pictures speak for themselves !

16 aid transports until December 2022

By the end of 2022, there have been a total of 16 shipments of relief suppliesto Ukraine as well as Poland. The alternating driver teams consisted of Vitaly Krusch, Tanja Wiesner, Henriette Wiesner and Matthias Straub. We were able to bring about 100 people with us to Germany and we were able to provide for all of them.

With the beginning of the cold season we had once again separately called for donations, to fund special emergency power generators. In total 22 devices purchased and brought into the country. In our blog we have accompanied the action.

Further transports and relief actions are planned. We will keep you up to date…

If you would like to support our commitment to Ukraine, please use the PayPal donation function. Thank you very much!