With human joy through the summer – here’s what’s new


Back from the summer break, the Menschenfreude team hopes you had a few nice, sunny weeks. Just like us. Some of us took a little time off, others were active throughout in the spirit of the good cause. What's new at Menschenfreude e.V., we tell you today.
Menschenfreude summer 2022

Readings “Ukraine book”: these are the next dates

We are very pleased about the success of the book “Verlassenes Land” by our member Dr. Knuth Martens. The author invites to readings & discussion evenings on the following dates. Please take the opportunity and join us:

Well built in Madagascar

Board member Jürgen Perteck had sent us the first pictures from Madagascar before the summer vacations. To see: The beginnings of well construction at a school initiated by him. And a few weeks later, Jürgen proudly announces the completion of construction work on the 42-meter-deep well. A total of 380 children are now supplied with fresh water. “Before, the water was laboriously transported by hand in canisters over long distances, over unpaved roads, through bushes and in great heat,” Jürgen recounts his impressions.

Great joy at the completion of the well construction. Children now get fresh water from 42m depth for the first time.

School bag campaign successfully completed

Just in time for the beginning of the summer vacations, Olli and Janine Drathen had collected unneeded schoolbags from fourth graders in Bonn. You remember: We had reported here. “In the meantime, these have been sorted and are now distributed to Ukrainian schoolchildren as well as to needy families in the region,” Janine tells us. Likewise, the donated team clothing from KWFitness Bonn – we had also reported – goes with us on our next aid transport and thus benefits people in Ukraine.

With the donated school satchel, we bring joy to refugee children and needy children in the region. Thank you to all the children who have parted with their beloved Tonni!

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