Verlassenes Land – The book by Knuth Martens – Now published


In March 2022 our first aid transport to the Polish-Ukrainian border took place. In the meantime there were many other actions of Menschenfreude e.V. for the people affected by the war. Knuth Martens, participant of the first relief transport and member of our association, has recorded his touching thoughts and experiences in a paperback book. It can be ordered in all bookstores or online at the price of 13,50€. (ISBN-Nummer 978-9-403-66078-3). The profit from the sale will be donated to Menschenfreude e.V.. In the interview, the author tells how the idea for the book came about.
Verlassenes Land Knuth Martens Menschenfreude

How did you come to participate in the first relief effort?

I got to know our association during the flood disaster. Together with my wife we had taken over some relief transports. We also wanted to stay informed about other plans via the association’s WhatsApp group. On February 24, 2022, the attack on Ukraine began.

The following Sunday we attended a very impressive Pulse of Europe event at Roncalliplatz in Cologne. Shortly thereafter, we noticed our association’s appeal for donations. It quickly became clear that we wanted to participate somehow. Initially, we thought of taking on individual trips to pick up supplies.

The decision to participate in the trip was made on March 5 at the big collection event in Swisttal. The enormous willingness to donate, the great trust of the donors in the helpers and the expectation that each additional driver can probably provide for an alleviation of the need on site, motivated us to go along.

Dr. Knuth Martens was born in Cologne in 1968. He is a business graduate, married, has two grown-up children and lives in Brühl. 

What made you decide to write this book?

The relief operation in the Polish refugee camps and on the Ukrainian border was extremely moving and formative in many ways. Upon our return, we felt physically and mentally exhausted. I realized that I had to go somewhere with my thoughts. At the same time, there were many people who wanted to know more about our experience. So I started to write down my “borderline experiences” for myself first.

I read a few pages to my parents, and they encouraged me to keep writing. This happened surprisingly fast, and again and again I had the feeling that my thoughts interested many people, e.g. also at the event in Godesberg, when Jürgen Perteck reported about the trip. And so in the end it turned into a little book.

The cover photo was taken at the Dorohusk border crossing during our relief transport.

My goal is to hold readings with the book – e.g. in bookstores – and to raise funds for the association with the purpose “Ukraine”. The profit from the book sales will also be donated in full to the association. Perhaps this will also raise the profile of our club somewhat.

Info about the book

Yana from Kiev (right), who traveled with us to Germany along with 37 people from Ukraine, tells of her escape in the book.

Info about Ukraine-Help from Menschenfreude e.V.

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