Ukraine aid, school satchel campaign and well construction in Madagascar… in august it will go on here…


With the start of the summer vacations, we are also taking a short summer break in the Menschenfreude media. Behind the scenes, however, things are continuing apace: for example, with the school bag campaign run by Janine and Olli Drathen* in Bonn. Jürgen Perteck is involved with the well construction project in Madagascar, among other things. And the aid transports for the people affected by the war in Ukraine also continue - thanks to many volunteers. In mid-August, we will be back at this point: Among other things, with the author's reading from "Verlassenes Land" by Dr. Knuth Martens in Alfter.
Menschenfreude summer 22

Bonn fourth graders donate satchels

In the last few days, Janine and Oliver Drathen collected used schoolbags at two elementary schools in Bonn. Well-preserved and lovingly cleaned satchels from fourth graders who donate their tonnis to families in need. For example, to refugee families from Ukraine, but also to children from Germany whose parents barely have money for a new school bag. Thank you very much for this. 

Olli is super satisfied with the action and the pictures speak for themselves: “It was really great with the kids. Many made small gifts or packed pencils and other little things to make the children who will receive the satchel later happy.”

Thanks to the students of the Nikolausschule in Bonn-Kessenich and the Waldschule Bonn-Venusberg.

KW Fitness Bonn: Team clothing donated

On the same day, our two volunteers were also able to receive team clothing in good condition at the Bonn gym KW Fitness, which we will give to people in need. We also say thank you for this!

Handover with the team of KW Fitness Bonn( With the donated team clothing we will be able to bring joy to people!

Reading “Abandoned Land” in Alfter

In mid-August, we will continue in our human joy media channels. Here on the blog, on Instagram and Facebook. On August 17, 2022 we cordially invite you to Alfter. Our author Dr. Knuth Martens will read from the book “Verlassenes Land – Über Menschen und Menschlichkeit im Ukraine-Krieg” and provide an opportunity to engage in conversation. More information is available in this blog post.

Invitation to the reading. Dr. Knuth Martens and Yana Mahdik from Kiev, who traveled to Germany with us.

Soon we will continue…

During the summer break, many of our projects continue – such as the well construction project in Madagascar and the preparation of the next trip. Also the aid transports to the refugee camps in Poland and to the border with Ukraine.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions about our work, please feel free to contact us at: We wish you and our volunteers a wonderful summer!

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* Janine and Olli Drathen? Yes, they did it and we congratulate from the bottom of our hearts to the wedding! Janine, formerly Mittelstädt, you already know… from now on with a new last name!

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