“People like you and organizations like yours are what we would need in every major city.” – Honored with Bonn Social Award

We are proud and grateful that our Menschenfreude board member and founder Jürgen Perteck was able to accept the Social Award of the Rotary Club Bonn-Rheinbrücke, which is endowed with 2,000€. Each year, the award honors outstanding personalities who are socially committed in the region and work on behalf of their fellow human beings. The award was presented by former mayor of Bonn Ashok Sridharan, who in his ceremonial speech paid special tribute to “the incredible commitment” shown “during the particularly cold phase of the year for people without a fixed abode.”

On the road in sub-zero temperatures – visits to people with no fixed abode – expansion of projects planned

With the beginning of the cold season, teams of Menschenfreude e.V. were again increasingly on the road in Cologne and Bonn to visit people without a fixed abode. In addition to the distribution of food and winter-proof textiles, this time it was also about the idea of resocialization: so it was possible to organize a hostel for some over the Christmas days. There has also been help with visits to the authorities. Young people will soon be involved in similar projects.