Our commitment in Senegal


In Senegal, we support a school with around 255 students: the “Ecole Franco Arabe Omar Ibn Khatab de Malicounda-Sénégal”. Malicounda is the second largest rural municipality and is located in the west of the country.

Our volunteer Sylvia Ndoye has been traveling there regularly for more than 35 years and has been increasingly involved with the local people since 1999. Together with her husband Serigne Ndoye, who himself comes from Senegal.

Installation and inauguration of a drinking water filtration plant (2021)

2021 our volunteers were Axel Müller, Kathrin Anderseck and Jürgen Perteck on site to install for the first time a drinking water filter plant to install and put into operation. Here are in advance the pictures of the very impressive trip to the African country. 

More information will follow shortly – here and on our blog and social media.

School building: help with flood damage repair (2020).

With a family background, the couple, who live in Berlin, can rely on a functioning Building infrastructure in Senegal: Family members and friends can, for example, accept donations in kind that are shipped by container and take care of the onward transport and distribution. In 2020, the commitment once again picked up speed when the contact with our association association was established and opportunities for cooperation resulted. For example, in September 2020, through our help flood damage to the school building repaired.

Background interview with Sylvia

On the part of the school management, there had been repeated efforts to improve the quality of drinking water – a major problem in the country – but this could not be implemented on its own. Thus, through Sylvia and Serigne Ndoye and our association initiated a joint follow-up project: The delivery and installation of a Drinkingatersystem for the school in Malicounda.

We spoke to Sylvia Ndoye about the background:

“Why does the Senegalese school need a drinking water filtration system?”

“You have to imagine that people just drink the water that comes out of the tap there. Have to drink it. And then get sick correspondingly often.” 

“How do you have to imagine the living situation of the people on the ground?”

“The fact that children and certainly also adults suffer from worm infestation is widespread. People are dependent on appropriate medication, but lack their own means to obtain it. I am often asked, when I visit families, to buy the necessary medicines at the pharmacy.”

“What is the specific plan for delivery and installation of the equipment?”

We are currently making contact with the mayor of Malicounda to ensure that the water intake for the drinking water filtration plant will work when it is delivered. We expect it to be operational by the start of the new 2021/22 school year after the rainy season ends in early October.”

“How do you experience working with Menschenfreude e.V.?”

“As an individual, getting involved with the people of Senegal is a wonderful thing, but as part of a large community, a highly motivating feeling sets in that I didn’t know before. That is something special. What I find particularly likeable about the members of the association is the fact that it is a real matter of the heart for every single volunteer. You are not only a paying member, but you can enter extensively and you are valued. You can pass on that appreciation and it keeps the association’s activities alive.” 

“Your wishes for the future?”

“For the future, it would be nice if we could continuously support the school and, for example, provide school supplies, notebooks and fabric for the school uniforms. This is not expensive and even small contributions can make a big difference. The container transport of a moving box with school material costs 50 €, so a lot can be helped for relatively small money.”

“Thank you so much, Sylvia, for the video call and all the insights.” 

More information also on the official Facebook page of the school.

In order to be able to continue the commitment of Menschenfreude e.V. , we are very happy about donations – also for the Senegal project. We say thank you