Our commitment to Rwanda

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Dr. Matthias Straub

Project Coordinator Rwanda


First visit in January 2023: Four collaborations underway

For Menschenfreude e.V. , Jürgen Perteck, Axel Müller, Manfred Staat, Elka Sou and Matthias Straub were in Rwanda for the first time to visit projects and exchange ideas with local partner organizations. The goal was to “create opportunities for those who have few or none.”

Elka Sou, Matthias Straub and Jürgen Perteck visit the Muhanga region

Matthias Straub has recorded his impressions of the trip to the African country for us in his visit report – many thanks!

You can read the impressive article in our blog:
“A smile from many people – A Menschenfreude team for the first time in Rwanda”.

Water filter plants installation, school cooperations and an orphan children project - A first overview

Two PAUL drinking water filtration plants were installed under the mediation of the Rural Development Inter-Diocesan Service (RDIS) were installed in the Muhanga area. We are looking into the possibility of installing further filter systems in Kigali and the surrounding area. Photographer Gregor Schläger kindly documented the work for us – many thanks for that, too!

A program for orphansand children from poor families was visited in Kigali. We are looking for ways to support the program, to seek short-term support models (e.g. financial support for school supplies at the beginning of a school year) and longer-term sponsorships to fund school fees, health insurance, etc. for the children in the program, and to expand the program to more children.

A “Second Chance” project was visited in Kigali: Sewing machine training for women to earn a living. The sewing machines were donated by the organization Stichting KOOK Alkmaar in the Netherlands. We are evaluating support possibilities for 2 teachers and the rent of the training room.

Project in agriculture: project to grow vegetables such as sweet potatoes, bananas and other fruits. We are looking for ways to support some of these efforts (e.g., help develop the land with water access and driveway), and help improve the surrounding infrastructure (e.g., water line to a local school in Kigali).

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(Last updated: February 2023)