Our commitment Northern Greece


Back on the ground 2021: More relief supplies for the refugees

After the first visits in 2020, additional volunteers from Menschenfreude e.V. were on site in the summer as well as in the fall of 2021. In their luggage: boxes of donations and relief supplies– donated by families and friends in Germany.

On the positive side, the group noticed that the dwellings of the people in the camp have been improved a little. The joy about the renewed visit was great. In the fall, donations of clothing were handed over once again.

Check out this blog article for more insights: our visits to Refugee Camp Diavata.

We have captured both actions in pictures:

First Visits 2020: Help for Refugees in Camp Diavata

In the north of Greece is the refugee camp “Diavata”. Members of our association, who are connected to the country, traveled there during their stay to provide the people there with clothing and hygiene items. “The camp is designed for around 500 refugees, but at the time around 2000 had to hold out there,” Jürgen Perteck reports on the action.

Due to the hot temperatures, the group decided to get water and other food and distribute it to the thirsty people. Seven shopping carts with water bottles alone. The pictures below were taken in the process.

The meeting with a Syrian soldier (on the photo with Anthea Perteck), who had come to the camp only a few days ago and told about his experiences in the war, remains a special memory. About killing people. “You know anonymous images from the media, but when you make personal contact and learn the stories behind them and ultimately the gratitude for the help, it changes your perspective for good,” the group concluded.

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