Our commitment in Nepal

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Narayan Pahari

Project Coordinator Nepal


InNepal our engagement started. At least here the desire to help became concrete. After a trip of father and son 2018 to the geographically and culturally impressive, but also by natural disasters and poverty affected country, the decision was clear: We found an association, and will support the people on the ground to the best of possibilities.

Pictures from our first trip to Kathmandu (2018)

The basis for all our projects are probably the pictures taken during the very first trip to Kathmandu. The
Report “How it all began
can be read here. A special memory is the visit to a leprosy hospital as well as a residential home for people with disabilities:

Visits to a leprosy hospital (February 2019)

Within the framework of various trips and initiatives , our members and volunteers haverepeatedly collectedrelief supplies and transported them to Nepal and distributed them on site since the beginning in 2018 .

For example, Yvonne Pande, Raphaela Goldschmidt and Julian Renne distributed shoes to needy children. Maximilian and Jürgen Perteck – together with other family members and friends – had school materials, notebooks, pens and sweets in their luggage.

We have summarized the pictures of these initiatives in the next gallery. Newspaper articles can be found in our Press review .

Distribution of clothing and school materials to children in Nepal (since 2018)

Distribution of drinking water bottles to Nepalese students (2020)

Raphaela Goldschmidt, Kathrin Krüger, Julian Renne and Narajan Pahari distributed a total of 150 drinking water bottles to each student following the installation of the first drinking water filter system.

In this way, every child gets the opportunity to drink the clean, filtered water during the school day. And after school, the children can take home a filled bottle of water
take to share with the family. This is because many families also live completely without access to clean drinking water.

By the way: Following the action we received a
official letter of thanks from the Mahendra Ratna Campus
which made us very happy and touched us. In our feedback section we have deposited the letter for further reading.

Clean water for the first time: drinking water filter systems for Nepalese schools (2019)

Having enough fresh drinking water is something we take for granted in Germany. For many Nepalese children and their families, it is not.

And so, in 2019, we launched the “Clean Water for Nepal” project. Children should have access to fresh water and be able to take it home from school. “For us, it’s hard to imagine”, Jürgen Perteck talks about his travels. “We are all the more pleased that it turned out to be not one, as initially planned, but five drinking water filter systems in the end, which we transported to Nepal and installed with the help of many helpers.”

During the implementation – from the first idea to the delivery of the fifth system – many volunteers were involved as well as some companies that took care of the technical requirements, transport and installation.

In detail they are

In the picture gallery we have
addedsome impressions
from our activities in Nepal, which are
are not (always) complete and
will be added continuously:

Development Cooperation Small Projects Fund: Rehabilitation of Nepal Charter Primary School 2021

The most costly project to date will be the renovation of the Nepal Charter Primary School starting in the fall of 2021. The building and the sanitary facilities are in desolate condition. The construction project is supported by the Düsseldorf Schmitz Foundation from the EZ Small Projects Fund and coordinated by our volunteer Narayan Pahari and the school management on site.

More background information will follow here shortly. We regularly provide up-to-date insights into the progress of the work in the Social media and in our blog:

In order to reach our own share of the funding amount, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign and are asking for donations that will directly benefit the students and teachers: To crowdfunding.

Current photos of the situation in the school + photos of the construction work already done in November 2021:

If you would like to support our activities in Nepal, we would be very happy. Feel free to use this donation button via Paypal. Thank you very much!

(Last updated: December 2021)