Our commitment in Madagascar

In November 2022, dental missions were carried out in Madagascar for the first time: Around 400 patients, including numerous children who otherwise had no access to appropriate care, were treated by a team of dentists comprising German and Malagasy colleagues. Dr. Katrin Zizmann, helper Pia Eberlein and helper Joost Versluis have recorded their impressions in their travel report for our blog.

There will be more deployments in the future. Our association Menschenfreude not only supports the treatment of four patients in the local hospital, but also two Madagascan dentists in their commitment to care for the rural population once a month for two days.

More information about this great engagement will follow soon!

In Madagascar, our help has so far enabled two wells to be built at schools. For around 600 children, this means that they have direct access to water for the first time, which previously could only be reached with difficulty, sometimes over kilometers of road.

Existing, drinkable groundwater is now brought to the surface from a depth of around 15 meters – directly on site where it is needed. We have also provided local schools with educational materials and hygiene articles.

If you would like to support our activities in Madagascar , we would be very happy. Feel free to use the paypal donation button. We say thank you very much!