Our commitment in Ethiopia


Let's plant: 1,500 seedlings donated for reforestation project with young people

In Ethiopia we have a reforestation project supported and financed 1,500 seedlings of native tree species. In collaboration with the Let’s Plant e.V. association is intended to teach young people there about agricultural work and the cultivation of natural resources. cultivation of natural resources.

German Embassy School: Student initiatives around Dennis, Claire, Janet, Sarah and many more.

In 2022 there will be projects with Pupils of the German Embassy School in Addis Ababa, which are active even for less privileged children and youth. The program, coordinated by school principal Dr. Martin Nutz and teacher Elke Ott, is called CAS and is designed to encourage young people to be creative, active and socially engaged.

We were allowed to present our work at the school and in the course of this three initiatives were launched. Student groups, for example around Dennis (18), Ruth (16), Nahom (16), Samuel (18), Mickias (16) as well as Emma (16) and Dagmawit (16) have started to collect money for teaching materials and school supplies .

Samuel, Micky, Dennis, Ruth, Nahom (from left)

We are very happy about the contact and support the student groups in their intention to help people. On the one hand financially, but also through advice and help with the planning, such as through joint Zoom appointments.

More information about the collaboration also here in a blog article.

Daily school meals at the German Church School

As a further project, in 2022 we will finance the daily school meals at the German Church School Addis Ababawhich would no longer be feasible without our commitment due to a lack of budget. For many students, school lunches are the most only meal a day.

The information about our projects in Ethiopia is updated continuously . Likewise, there is current info in the blog and in the social media. We are always happy to receive donations that directly benefit the projects and people mentioned.

Some impressions of the last trip:

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To support the commitment of Menschenfreude e.V. we are very happy to receive donations – also for our work in the donations – also for our work in Ethiopia. We sincerely say thank you!