Our commitment in Ethiopia

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Feseha Ayanna

Project Coordinator Ethiopia


Let's plant: 1,500 seedlings donated for reforestation project with young people (2020)

In Ethiopia, we supported a reforestation project and financed 1,500 seedlings of native tree species. In cooperation with the Let’s Plant e.V. associationyoung people are to be given an understanding of agricultural work and the cultivation of natural resources.

German Embassy School Addis Ababa: Support for student initiatives "CAS Program" (ongoing since 2021)

We support pupils of the German Embassy School in Addis Ababa, which are active even for less privileged children and youth. Among them Dennis, Claire, Janet, Sarah, and many more, with whom we are in regular contact.

The program, coordinated by school principal Dr. Martin Nutz and teacher Elke Ott, is called CAS (Creative, Active, Social) and is designed to encourage young people to be creative, active and socially engaged.

We were allowed to present our work at the school and in the course of this three initiatives were launched. Student groups, for example around Dennis (18), Ruth (16), Nahom (16), Samuel (18), Mickias (16) as well as Emma (16) and Dagmawit (16) have started to collect money for teaching materials and school supplies.

Samuel, Micky, Dennis, Ruth, Nahom (from left)

Daily school meals at the German Church School, Addis Ababa (2021 - 2022)

As a further project, for the year 2022 we are financing the daily school meals at the German Church School Addis Ababawhich would no longer be feasible without our commitment due to a lack of budget. For many students, school lunches are the most only meal a day.

Installation of drinking water filtration systems & distribution of relief supplies (May 2022).

As part of another trip, Kerstin Schley, Axel Müller, Oliver Drathen and Jürgen Perteck were on site. In addition to the distribution of relief goods in a slum, the main focus was on the installation of two drinking water filtration systems. Thus, a school adjacent to the embassy school and another school were supplied with clean water for the first time.

  • Oliver Drathen has recorded his impressions for our blog – many thanks! : “Clean water for schools”
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