Our commitment in Armenia


Relief supplies for war victims and needy people (2020 and 2021)

Twice already, our association has sent a van with relief supplies – clothing donations, hygiene articles and aids – on the journey to Armenia.

Why Armenia? “The country is still very much affected by the consequences of war,” reports Liana Arshakyan, who initiated the project together with her husband. “Especially children, because the population is very young. Many people have lost their homes there and don’t own anything.”

The pictures in the small gallery above show excerpts of where the relief supplies were used.

Our association called for donations and the response was overwhelming. Thereby exciting videos around our member Janine Mittelstädt were created, which can be seen on our Youtube-Channel can be seen. The following video shows the packing of the van:

In the picture gallery we have captured some impressions of the campaign, in which not only clothing and material donations were sent on the journey, but also toys, hygiene articles and urgently needed aids such as wheelchairs.