Current projects

We at Menschenfreude e.V. are active in Germany and worldwide. Our network consists of volunteers, volunteers and friends. They all pursue one mission: to reach people in their life situations, not to leave them alone. And to give them such a pleasure.

At this point we present a selection of our projectswhich will be continuously supplemented.

"We all felt that people were really happy that we were there. Yeah, I think we gave them a real treat."

Here Menschenfreude e.V. is active...


Since the beginning of the war, we have been working for the people in Ukraine. We collect donations, organize aid convoys, transport relief supplies ourselves in trucks and vans, and bring people to Germany. Safe.


We have been involved in Nepal since the very beginning. We have distributed school supplies and clothing to schools. And campaigned for a better supply of drinking water. The most complex project: the renovation of a school as a foundation project.


In Romania, we are currently planning to work with an established local partner association in slums in the cities of Cluj and Oradea. It involves the construction and maintenance of kindergartens, schools and social facilities.


Locally in the region, for example in Bonn and Cologne, we are always on the move in small initiatives. We visit people without permanent residence and spend time with them. Likewise, we support them with relief supplies and food.


In the African country, we work with students in Addis Ababa who implement their own social initiatives for poor families. Similarly, we install drinking water filtration systems at schools and fund daily school lunches.


In Madagascar, a 15-meter-deep well was constructed on our initiative to supply a school with drinking water for the first time. Likewise, there have been outreaches with dentists on site to provide basic care.


In Senegal, our help repaired flood damage in a school. Subsequently, we organized the installation of a drinking water filtration plant to provide clean drinking water to the children suffering from polluted water.

Northern Greece

In the meantime we regularly visit the refugee camp “Diavata” in northern Greece. The people there live in simple dwellings and often under great heat with little water. We bring them donated clothes, hygiene items as well as food.


As a street project, we help people affected by job loss and poverty due to the pandemic. For many people, there is no longer enough money for food. We distribute food and drinks, giving some hope and address.


We have already sent aid transports to Armenia twice. The country continues to be severely affected by the consequences of war. Medical supplies and other relief goods were sent on their way with our transports.


Our association regularly participates in relief transports , which are carried out by the Christian relief organization Tabea e.V.. Donations of clothing and materials as well as medical supplies go to a home for children and adults in Mogilev, Belarus.


In order to be able to realize our humanitarian projects, we depend on your help. In addition to active support on site, we need financial help. For many purposes. Be it concretely to support families after the flood disaster in Germany. Or to be able to procure relief supplies. For example, wheelchairs, hygiene products or school supplies. 

If you send us a monetary donation you can find our account details here or you can use our online donation function. We will gladly issue a donation receipt!

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