Review on the year 2021

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Janine Mittelstädt, Oliver Drahten, Christian Senftleben and Jürgen Perteck distribute clothing at tempratures around freezing to those in need in Bonn. They eat biscuits together and talk at tea and coffee.


With the great help of Narayan Pahari a further drinking water filter system is installed in Kathmandu.


Janine Mittelstädt and Oliver Drahten create a donations needs list to collect clothing and material donations.

Download Donations needs list


The first virtual meeting of the honorary members takes place.


The organisation Menschenfreude successfully passes the agency examination at the Schmitz foundations in Düsseldorf and gets the promise that a project will be financed up to a certain amount.

Link to the website of the

Composed by Bettina Flachmeier and Ulrike Curtius and Jürgen Perteck
Translation by Valerie Güsgen

Menschenfreude e.V.: IBAN DE 41 6609 0800 0006 6116 99, BIC GENODE61BBBB

Donation receipts can be obtained from our organization on request at Buchhaltung(at)