Plea for honorary office: Bernd Stelter donates fee to humans joy registered association.


The artist Bernd Stelter was a guest at the Dorfhaus Alfter-Gielsdorf - with guitar music, humorous looks at life and his new book. Half of the fee for the entertaining evening went to the Bornheim Civic Foundation and half to our association. A great gesture for which we thank you very much!
Bernd Stelter Menschenfreude eV

From “Wer älter wird, braucht Spaß am Leben” the artist recited numerous entertaining passages. The reactions of the audience accordingly enthusiastic.

A special highlight: Bernd Stelter had selected a chapter on volunteering especially for this evening. Volunteering is not only helpful and meaningful, but also has positive effects on well-being and health. 

Finally, the surprise: the artist donated half of his fee to the Bornheim Civic Foundation and half to Menschenfreude e.V. Thank you very much! 

We would also like to thank the team from the Dorfhaus Gielsdorf, represented by Regina Schäfer, for organizing the event.

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