“Our friends are holding out at 2°C. In the room.” – Electricity generators for people in Ukraine


From mid-December, volunteers from Menschenfreude e.V. will once again start a relief transport to Ukraine. In view of the impending winter, a total of twelve power generators are on board this time. The contact person is Dr. Matthias Straub, who, together with his wife Elka, has already accompanied previous relief transports of Menschenfreude e.V. and carried them out himself. Initially, the generators are intended for hospitals. Smaller equipment for schools and other institutions will also be brought into the country as part of further shipments. We therefore ask you once again for donations - and thank you at the same time for your previous support!

We brought about 100 people from Ukraine to Germany on our 16 aid transports. Some of them live with our families or have built their own makeshift existence.

Their families and relatives who are still in the war-torn country report constant power outages and falling temperatures. Everyday life becomes even harder than it already is with the dark winter months.

“Today my family had no electricity again. We could not talk to each other. This is happening more and more now. No water, no electricity in the apartment building in Kiev. Sometimes several days at a time. We are very worried. It was quiet for a long time, but now there are attacks and explosions again. How is she going to get through the winter?” 
(Tetiana (65), refugee with our first aid transport)

Other families report “having to hold out in temperatures as low as 2 degrees. In their house. So inside.” Some window panes are broken, they say, and there is no one to come and fix them. Normal life has come to a standstill. Another family has at least ten degrees in their apartment. The windows are still intact, but there is still no power.

Pictures from Kiev (1): During the air raids, Anna’s office was moved to a parking garage. Because of the cold, they work there in thick jackets….

In action with the Menschenfreude transporter

Volunteers from Menschenfreude e.V. have been working since the beginning of the war. Among them, for example, Tanja Wiesner, Vitaly Krusch and the 24-member team that carried out the first aid convoy in April 2022. (The report can be read here).

Our volunteer Matthias Straub, who himself has been bringing relief supplies to crisis areas for years together with his wife Elka, is now planning the upcoming transports of the emergency power units. “The situation is coming to a head. People are freezing. We are glad that with the help of donations we have been able to buy twelve generators so far. But we could carry more.”

“We always have a supply of water in the kitchen. Because if there is no electricity, there is no water. And we never know for how long it will be. Heating becomes a luxury. We go to bed with blankets and warm clothes. We also wear warm jackets at work. During the air raids, we got workstations set up in a parking garage.”
(Anna (36), Kiev. Parts of her family, including her children, traveled with us to Germany).

Please donate for Ukraine transports

So from the middle we start again in the direction of Ukraine, in order to alleviate the need on the spot a little bit. For this and for further transports we ask you once again for donations. We will issue a donation receipt. 

Donation account: Recipient: Menschenfreude e.V.
IBAN: DE41 6609 0800 0006 6116 99 

Oder per Paypal-Spende: www.paypal.me/menschenfreude 
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Specifically, the money is going into more power generators. Both larger models intended for use in hospitals and smaller ones – such as for schools, social facilities and residential units.


Pictures from Kiev (2): “If there is no electricity, there is no water.” That’s why the family always has a supply. You never know how long it will have to last.

Every euro arrives – through us

You can be assured that every euro goes directly to where it is needed. In our social media, on Instagram and Facebook, you can follow the activities of our team around Matthias. We are also happy to answer your questions at any time. Feel free to contact us 

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