October 2023: International team of dentists provides voluntary care for patients in Madagascar


Our international team of dentists, assistants and helpers will travel to Madagascar in October 2023 for Menschenfreude e.V. to provide dental care to hundreds of patients in several villages. For the mission, we created fundraisers to collect donations of money and materials. For example, as part of the official Dental Health Day (25.9.) and other occasions.
Menschenfreude Madagaskar Zahnmedizin


  • Rural population practically without dental care (shortage of doctors)
  • Increased mortality due to lack of hygiene and medication
  • Menschenfreude e.V. on site for the first time in 2022: Over 500 patients in villages supplied, access to usable water made possible (well construction).
  • Financial support for mobile Malagasy dentists
  • October 2023: Renewed deployment to Madagascar. This time with 7 dentists, 2 assistants, several helpers from the association.

Successful deployment in 2022

Already in 2022, Dr. Katrin Zizmann and helper Pia Eberlein were on site together with Joost Versluis and Jürgen Perteck for Menschenfreude e.V. Over 500 patients, both young and old, from three to 82 years of age were treated. About 100 teeth were extracted. Four patients were provided with life-saving treatment in the hospital.

Together with two Malagasy colleagues, Dr. Katrin Zizmann and Pia Eberlein (top left) provided care to villagers in a town hall as well as a church. Children received small gifts from us. Over 1000 toothbrushes were distributed throughout the population.

In the wake of the then  outreach, we have financially supported two Malagasy dentists to visit and treat the rural population on a monthly basis – in areas where no dentist has ever been before.

“I was particularly impressed by the children. Some of them came all by themselves, waited a long time in the hot sun and climbed onto our treatment chair all by themselves. That touched me very much.” (Pia Eberlein)

In the run-up to the currently planned dental mission, our association has already constructed two 15-meter-deep wells for two schools in Madagascar. Around 800 children now have permanent access to usable water for their daily lives for the first time.

Planning for deployment in October 2023

 In addition to Dr. Katrin Zizmann and the assistants Pia Eberlein and Nadja Baitler, the international dentists Lea Uebelacker, Simone Eisele and Can Tutar from Germany, Puja Chudasama (England) and Arina Bazyleva (Russia) will also be working this year.

The goal is to serve patients in as many locations across the country as possible. In addition to dental assistance, the distribution of hygiene products for girls and women is also planned.

“The preliminary work was a challenge. After all, we first had to build up trust with the local people. Convince them that we want to help them and do good. After two trips to the country, we can be sure that our people will be received with openness and anticipation.” (Jürgen Perteck)

We NEED you!

In order for us to continue this voluntary work we are in urgent need for donations in any form possible. Ranging from medical material/equipment to local staff, and much more. In addition – according to our experience from 2022 – such a mission entails unforeseeable costs. For instance, if life-saving hospital treatment becomes necessary. We expect that our growing medical team will encounter such emergencies in 2023.

In 2022, our team provided hospital care to four young patients, some with life-threatening illnesses. Mattresses were also donated.

Beside providing medical treatment, we were able to donate a total of 20 new mattresses to hospitals last year. We aim to expand this commitment and supply more hospitals.
Last but not least, we would also like to continue to support our Madagassian colleagues in visiting the rural population, providing them with dental care and, if possible, expanding these activities.

Insights into our work

We provide information about our commitment on our website as well as regularly via Instagram (story highlight: Madagascar). We are always happy to answer questions. We also welcome the opportunity to present our work in the form of information booths, fundraising events or other collaborations. Gladly we come into conversation

Donation accounts:
Recipient: Menschenfreude e.V. | IBAN: DE41 6609 0800 0006 6116 99

Intended purpose: Madagascar

We will gladly issue an official donation receipt for donations of €300 or more and upon request. For smaller amounts, the bank statement is sufficient for submission to the tax office.

Contact person:

  • Menschenfreude e.V. founder Jürgen Perteck: vorstand@menschenfreude.org
  • Media/Communications: Kathrin Anderseck: kathrin@menschenfreude.org
  • Dr. Katrin Zizmann and our dental team: info@menschenfreude.org

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