MENSCHEN FREUDE BILDER: The picture exhibition moves on to Alfter town hall

Kerstin und Kathrin

From January 26, 2023 Menschenfreude e.V. will be a guest in Alfter's town hall. The vernissage of MENSCHEN FREUDE BILDER, the first photo exhibition of our non-profit association, will take place at 5 pm. The photographs by Kerstin Schley, Kathrin Anderseck and Jürgen Perteck can be seen until February 8, 2023 during the opening hours of the town hall. Admission is free, but donations are requested. In November 2022 MENSCHEN FREUDE BILDER was already on display at the Dorfhaus Alfter-Gielsdorf. Further dates are planned.
MF Ausstellung Jan23 Insta Grafik

After the successful launch in November 2022, we are very pleased to now be able to exhibit in the town hall of the municipality of Alfter. The grand opening will take place at 5 p.m. on Jan. 26, 2023. (Address: Am Rathaus 7, 53347 Alfter).

During the opening hours of the town hall, the exhibition can then be seen up to and including February 8, 2023

All images as well as the official Menschenfreude 2023 calendar are available for purchase. We are also pleased to receive donations that make our charitable work possible.

Impressions of life and culture – besides the daily project work

In addition to very practical, technical assignments – such as the installation of drinking water filters, the repair of school equipment or the construction of water pipes and wells – pictures have been created that reflect life, everyday life, the cultures of the countries visited. Personal perspectives and insights.

“The people are incredibly friendly, helpful and also very humble. It is very moving to see how you can make them happy with little things that are everyday for us. And how hospitable they are and show us their everyday life.” (Memories of the trip to Ethiopia in May 2022)

Thus the idea was born to present these personal pictures to a wider public in the context of an exhibition: MENSCHEN FREUDE BILDER with photographs by Kerstin Schley, Kathrin Anderseck and Jürgen Perteck – all volunteers of the association Menschenfreude e.V and passionate amateur photographers. (More about the persons here.)

Around 100 guests at the kick-off

To the first date of MENSCHEN FREUDE BILDER  in the village community center in Alfter Gielsdorf the guests of the evening appeared very moved by the presented, partly very personal and emotional photographs, accompanying texts and artistic installations.

Impressions of the first event of MENSCHEN FREUDE BILDER

Background information on the picture exhibition

If you are interested in exhibiting our pictures, for example in your school, company or public institution, please contact us:

Likewise, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about MENSCHEN FREUDE BILDER. And of course we are always happy to receive donations for our voluntary, non-profit work. For example, via our Paypal donation button. We thank you very much!

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