The board of the non-profit association Menschenfreude e.V. consists of Jürgen Perteck and Dr. Uwe Hentschel as chairmen. And then there is a great team of other full-time and volunteer staff that we are proud to introduce to you here:


Jürgen Perteck


Doesn't care for titles, but is still chairman and founder. In action around the clock to bring joy to people. Jürgen, you are SPITZE ! (But we are not bad either...)

Dr. Uwe Hentschel

Deputy President

More information coming soon...

Stefanie Martens


Treasurer | Accounting Manager | Contact person for financial matters

Tanja Wiesner


Cash auditor | Collaborator in projects and humanitarian missions

Full-time/volunteer staff

(* In addition to their volunteer work, Vanessa and Kathrin have been supporting our growing association on a full-time basis since October 2022. Each 17.5 hrs/month are financed by external partner companies/donors).

Vanessa Sobottka


Office Manager | First Address | Expert & Contact Person for all Internal Processes

Kathrin Anderseck


Creative bird behind website, social media & co. | In an office community with Jorgos


Volunteering is a matter of honor. It is our volunteers who bring Menschenfreude e.V., and thus our charitable work, to life. With their individual possibilities and talents. Special thanks to all of you!

Janine Drathen

Organizational talent | Chief coordinator of our humanitarian aid transports

Oliver Drathen

Coordinator for Transparency and Child Protection | Project Collaborator

Axel Müller

Chief technician | installation of drinking water filtration systems & more | working worldwide

Bettina Flachmeier

Donation management | back office | project staff and good soul

Ulrike Curtius

Donation management | back office | project staff and good soul

Christian Senftleben

Streetworker boss | Project coordinator for people without a fixed abode & addicts

Yvonne Schaale

Sunshine | designer of our logo & other print media | project collaborator

Björn Anderseck

Coordinator for digitalization and IT | Moderator of our team meetings

Judith John

Coordinator in the area of school and sponsoring actions | Project staff member


Greek found cat & official club mascot with his own fan page.

Kerstin Schley

Initiator of our photo exhibition | Project collaborator internal and external

Dr. Knuth Martens

Project Collaborator | Book Author "Abandoned Land - About People and Humanity in the Ukraine War".

Dr. Matthias Straub

Project coordinator Ukraine, Romania and Rwanda | Coordinator and driver of aid transports

Elka Sou

Project worker with focus on Ukraine, Romania and Rwanda

Dr. Katrin Zizmann

Coordinator of the dental missions in Madagascar

Pia Eberlein

Coordinator of the dental missions in Madagascar

Manfred State

Project staff

Feseha Ayanna

Project Coordinator Ethiopia

Narayan Pahari

Project Coordinator Nepal

Berndt Langrock

Cash auditor