Management Board and employees

The board of the non-profit association Menschenfreude e.V. consists of Jürgen Perteck and Dr. Uwe Hentschel as chairmen. And then there is a great team of other volunteers that we are proud to introduce to you here:

Jürgen Perteck


Doesn't care about titles at all, but is still the first chairman and founder of the association. Active around the clock - near and far - to bring joy to people in special circumstances. Jürgen, you are GREAT! (But we are not bad either...)

Dr. Uwe Hentschel

Vice President

More information coming soon.

Bettina Flachmeier


She has been with us since the beginning and is the good soul of our club. Bettina is in charge of the back office and is successfully active in fundraising and member recruitment. Likewise, she assists our team with the in-kind donation drives helping to organize, sort and pack.

Ulrike Curtius


Employee since the early days and always there when you need her. And really amazingly fast and efficient. In the office area as well as in donation management. Likewise, she is wholeheartedly active in our in-kind donation drives.

Oliver Drathen


Olli keeps track of everything: He oversees the Transparency Project and is involved as a child protection officer for corresponding guidelines. In the "Olligramm" he records tasks and processes for us. Last but not least, he himself is actively involved in humanitarian projects - nationally and internationally.

Janine Drathen


Organizational talent Janine conjures up great fundraising events, info booths or readings for us. She is the boss of our humanitarian aid transports and coordinates the operations in the Swisttal storeroom. It is also in operation for people without a permanent residence.

Kathrin Anderseck


Creative mind behind website, social media and blog. Kathrin is not only responsible for our editorial content, but also always tries to keep all Menschenfreu(n)de - internally and externally - up to date about activities of the board and staff. Other topics: Senegal, Ukraine.

Kerstin Schley


Kerstin is our PR lady. She is a friendly contact person for press and public relations of Menschenfreude e.V. She also takes care of cooperations and events. She herself is actively involved in our Africa projects - for example in Ethiopia.

Andreas Zörbel


Our IT man and Berlin original: Andreas keeps our technical infrastructure running. Email, website, cloud, payment systems, data security - he's got it all covered. Andreas is also committed to helping people without a fixed abode and in Nepal.

Axel Müller


Senegal, Nepal, Ethiopia... there is hardly a project in which Axel is not active! He is our "chief technician" and works all over the world to provide people with clean water. Wholeheartedly involved and thanks to high technical qualification a safe bank in the construction of drinking water filters & co goes.

Christian Senftleben


"Street worker boss" Christian absolutely deserves his title: He has been regularly caring for people without a fixed abode and addicts for many years - in Germany and Norway. He is also always energetically on hand when there is something to be cleared, carried and transported during our actions.

Yvonne Schaale


Sunshine Yvonne brings joy to many people - including us - by being involved in numerous projects: distributing food in the refugee camp in Greece and transporting people to Ukraine. Yvonne is also the proud designer of our Menschenfreude logo and other print media.

Tanja Wiesner


Our dear Tanja supports the whole Menschenfreude team in the areas of accounting and finance. Likewise, she is wholeheartedly committed to the people affected by the war in Ukraine. She initiates fundraising campaigns, organizes and actively helps with the transports.

Björn Anderseck


Björn does not do IT. He does digitization! Away from tangled cables and paperwork, towards the cutting-edge Open Charity Office 3.0. Professor Björn works for this in sprints according to the 80:20 principle. Everything understood? Neither do we, but we are very happy to sprint along.

Helmut Heinrichs


A finance man through and through. Thanks to many years of corresponding background, Helmut not only holds the office of cash auditor at Menschenfreude e.V., but also assists us in an advisory capacity. And of course with heart and hand.



Cat Jorgos was found during a humanitarian aid transport in Greece by one of our children and lovingly raised. Even though our focus is more on people, we were able to please him with his rescue. As the first official club mascot, he now lives with Kathrin and her family.