Social Media Guideline

Nothing works anymore without the Internet. This certainly has many advantages. What is regulated in real life by laws, values and norms should also apply to the network. However, this is sometimes forgotten during the quick clicks. Or one is not even aware of having acted wrongly. Often it is not malicious intent at all, but ignorance and carelessness that leads to a media faux pas.

As a young and fast-growing association, we at Menschenfreude e.V. also use the broad facets of the Internet and social media. Therefore, it is important for us to have a social media guideline to which members, partners and also guests can orient themselves. The aim is to raise awareness of how to act with the medium of the Internet.

  1. Acting responsibly

Everyone is responsible for their own behavior and statements on the Internet. What should be kept in mind is that anything once published on the Internet does not disappear so quickly. Everyone should be aware of their own privacy and familiarize themselves with the privacy settings on the platforms they use.

  1. Legal requirements

Laws apply just as much on the Internet. It is therefore important to comply with legal requirements such as data protection, personal rights, copyright and trademark law.

  1. Respectful communication

Treating one’s counterpart with respect is a matter of course. Accordingly, it is necessary to observe the rules of decency and respectful behavior towards others. Insults, obscenities or slurs are undesirable.

  1. Message

Every member of the association who is active for the association should be aware of the message the association wants to convey: to bring joy to people. This is especially true if you are recognizable as a member, in actions or projects that are presented on the Internet and where you represent the association.

  1. Contact

Our Facebook and Instagram page offer great ways to communicate. However, the first contact should be made personally or via our eMail address. Therefore, we reserve the right not to respond to unknown requests via social media in order to maintain seriousness.

Below you will find the links to our social media profiles. Feel free to check back often and follow our activities. Do you have any questions? Then feel free to write us an email.

Our media channels


We have been active on Instagram since March 2021 and keep our friends and followers regularly updated. We are happy if you follow us and share our posts diligently.


At this point you can find our Facebook profile. On Facebook we always like to share your actions for the good cause and show photos and videos. Feel free to stop by.


You can find a selection of our videos from near and far in our official YouTube channel. We are happy about a subscription and hope you enjoy watching.