Jorgos the cat

What Hennes is for the 1. FC Köln, Jorgos is for Menschenfreude e.V. ! Our Greek found cat has been on board as an animal employee since summer 2022 and is the first official mascot.

Jorgos (Greek: Jürgen) was found by children of our association – during an aid transport on a field in Greece. Exposed to great heat.

And even if we from Menschenfreude e.V. usually only make people happy, we have a lot of fun with this little cat. little cat we did not hesitate for a second.

For weeks he was lovingly cared for and raised by children. Until he was allowed to move into his new home in Münsterland.

Here, our furry colleague is now shaping the nonprofit work remotely from the home office.

Jorgos' areas of responsibility

The duties assigned to him include:

Feelgood management in the teams meeting
Supervision (from the sofa)
Work-life balance
Document destruction

More than anyone else at Menschenfreude e.V., Jorgos receives expressions of sympathy from members and fans. Probably they all want to stroke him once through his fluffy tiger fur. It is even rumored that Jorgos, the four-legged friend, is the club’s popularity scale higher than many a chosen biped. 

Is it his fateful path in life? Its original appearance? Its Mediterranean nature? Most definitely, it’s Jorgos’ heart for his community that he’s sharing in his own Instagram story highlight with relevant cat content . 

Also by Email Jorgos can be reached 24/7: .

For especially great fans there is now the first official Jorgos autograph card – here as a download . We wish you much pleasure with it !

(Last updated: February 2023)