Help us to finance the minibus for Ukrainian schools


For schools in Western Ukraine, which we visited during our aid transports, we would like to finance a new school bus. For the used Ford Transit we need 10.000€. We have already reached the halfway point. Please help us reach the target amount so that we can bring the bus to the country in mid-April. More information is available here from Ukraine project coordinator Matthias Straub.
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Why do we need the bus?

Matthias: “The bus is needed as a school bus for children. Since the beginning of the war, transport vehicles have been missing in Ukraine. Not only buildings but also vehicles were damaged. Or they were pulled for other purposes…”

What is the plan to fund it?

Matthias: “We chose a Ford Transit minivan. Year of construction 2004, 9 seats, TÜV new, accident-free. To be able to drive him to Ukraine, we need about 10.000€. In addition to the purchase price, the costs for gasoline, transport, possibly new all-weather tires and registration are also included. We have already been promised 50% of the costs. In mid-April, we would then drive the bus to Ukraine with our team and hand it over as a donation.”

Where may donations be made and until when?

Matthias: “Until April 15, 2023, we are asking for donations for the minibus. To the donation account or via Paypal. Thank you so much!”

Donation account:

Menschenfreude e.V.

IBAN: DE41 6609 0800 0006 6116 99

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Donation account: Recipient: Menschenfreude e.V.
IBAN: DE41 6609 0800 0006 6116 99 

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