Clinics, retirement homes, public facilities: Here are the generators arrived – an overview & a thank you video


Feedback after our aid transport in December 2022: Dr. Matthias Straub had set off for Menschenfreude e.V. to Ukraine. A total of 22 emergency generators - financed by donations - were handed over. Now the first acknowledgements of receipt have reached us - connected with personal words, pictures and huge gratitude.
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Many thanks to all those who once again responded to our call and donated for the people of Ukraine. Today we would like to show you how it went on…

Our volunteer Matthias Straub was able to bring a total of 22 generators and several boxes with donations in kind to Ukraine by Mercedes Sprinter and trailer. (His report, “Freezing in the Dark,” can be read on our blog).

Bureaucratic way to Ukraine

The road there was not an easy one. It was not only the weather and road conditions that gave Matthias a hard time, but also the formal requirements. After all, there are some bureaucratic challenges to overcome in order to transport aid supplies to the war-torn country:

“We need to work with trusted partners. These must be verified so that we can prove to the government where the goods have remained. You must request assistance in writing and only then can we provide it. It involves a lot of written work. There must be personal contacts on site to ensure onward transportation in the country. Every step must be documented.”

Correspondence with Ukrainian institutions

Recipient overview

After the personal handover, the equipment was moved on. Partly by courier service, partly by van from a local charity organization. We now have the recipient data. 

However, in order not to jeopardize their security, we publish here only more or less anonymized information or that which the organizations have already published themselves. In detail: 

  • Kharkiv: (N=6 | 5x 6,5 KW | 1×7,5 KW) 2x hospital, 1x children’s polyclinic, health center, 2x first aid center, volunteer center
  • Odessa: (N=6 | 5x 6.5 KW | 1×7.5 KW) 2x educational center, home for the elderly, 4x clinics for general and family medicine in four locations of the Odessa region
  • City administrations / residential buildings: (N=10 | 4x 6.5KW, 1x 7.5KW, 5x 3.0KW) sports school, department of educational affairs, department of finances, 1x city charity organization of Caritas, 5x public residential buildings / multi-family houses in Kiev and Lviv (addresses are available)

Feedback in pictures

How great the joy and gratitude is, show us letters and photos that have reached us:

“Thank you very much for everything you (…) have done, both in Germany and in Ukraine. Yesterday evening we got a generator, finally we don’t have to rely on power cuts in our city anymore. Thank you to you personally and to your organization. (…) May the Lord bless you richly and keep all your ways.” (original in Ukrainian)

We were also sent an official thank you video, which we may share here. We are very happy about this and thank all the people involved for their effort! Thank you!

Action background

Our association Menschenfreude e.V. had carried out over 16 relief transports since the beginning of the war. In December 2022, our team launched a renewed appeal for emergency generator funding.

Because: Not only from the media, but especially from the circle of our refugee families, who had traveled with us to Germany, we learned daily about the everyday life of their relatives in Ukraine. 

“Today my family had no electricity again. We could not talk to each other. This is happening more and more now. No water, no electricity in the apartment building in Kiev. Sometimes several days at a time. We are very worried. It was quiet for a long time, but now there are attacks and explosions again. How is she going to get through the winter?” 
(Tetiana (65), refugee with our first aid transport)

Friends who had stayed in the country reported, “they are persevering in their house at only 2 degrees.” Window panes were broken, they said, and there was no one left to make repairs. Normal life had come to a standstill.

The hardship seen with your own eyes

During his Ukraine tour in December 2022, Matthias then finds confirmation of his commitment many times over. “Freezing in the dark”, he concludes: it’s freezing temperatures, endless waiting, constant power outages that last for hours.

“In the morning, the power went out briefly several times until it went out completely. I watched some small stores out in the city supplying their customers with the help of small generators. An obvious validation of the needs served that day with our charity activities.”

He summarizes: It was a “sign of the times”, the sign of “courageous people” who got involved, who expressed their deep appreciation for Menschenfreude e.V.’s donations. “Many happy faces about the relief supplies and about the fact that someone feels with them, thinks about their circumstances and challenges, and that relief organizations, like Menschenfreude e.V., do something against the cold, the darkness and ultimately against the conditions of war.” (Read more: Freezing in the dark. Ukraine Impressionen, 14. bis 20. Dezember 2022)

There should be more transports 

“We could transport more,” Matthias says. And so our Menschenfreude steering committee has created another donation drop-off event. On Saturday, January 28, 2023, donations in kind can be dropped off in Swisttal from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (with advance notification!).

More information in this info text and from Janine Drathen(, who is coordinating the event.

Donation drop-off appointments can also be made beyond the deadline.

We are also dependent on financial donations in order to be able to procure further generators and to finance the transports ourselves. We will issue an official donation receipt for donations over 300€ or upon request. 

Donation account: Recipient: Menschenfreude e.V.
IBAN: DE41 6609 0800 0006 6116 99 

Oder per Paypal-Spende: 
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Every euro arrives – through us

You can be assured that every euro goes directly to where it is needed. In our social media, on Instagram and Facebook, you can  the activities of our team around Matthias. We are also happy to answer your questions at any time. Feel free to contact us 

More information

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