Clean water for schools – Ethiopia trip in May 2022


And once again our Menschenfreude chairman Jürgen Perteck has gathered a team around him, consisting of Kerstin Schley, Oliver Drathen and our expert for technology and drinking water: Axel Müller. The destination is Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia....
Menschenfreude Ethiopia Trip

After the biggest logistical hurdle of getting two filter systems and maximum luggage onto the plane and then all the way to the hotel has been overcome, the work can begin.

Installation of drinking water filters

Axel’s priority is to implement the drinking water filter installation at two different schools. This can be a challenge when the right tool is missing again, or when missing material has to be found and procured at short notice. 

Our chief technician Axel takes care of the installation of the drinking water filters for Menschenfreude e.V..

More pictures of Axel and his helpers on site in action can be found here:

Donations in kind in the luggage

On all days, various donations in kind, such as caps, clothing, toothbrushes or shampoo, are distributed, mainly to children who we either meet spontaneously or who we specifically visit in poor neighborhoods. Stationery for the schools is also included.

The people in the poor neighborhoods are happy about the donations in kind that we have in our luggage.

On one day we drive to Bishoftu, about 1.5 hours by car southeast of the capital. Here we inspect the 10,000 tree seedlings donated to our friends of the “Let’s plant” association. At an adjacent school, we sound out preparatory measures for a drinking water supply and finance the initial water connection.

Lecture at German Embassy School

On the last day, Jürgen gives an inspiring speech to tenth graders at the German Embassy School, whom we have already supported in designing their own aid projects.

In the end, the trip was a complete success. Axel has once again managed to put both drinking water plants into operation, one of which has already been ceremoniously inaugurated.

All donations in kind could be distributed, so that we could leave happy children’s eyes behind and start our return journey exhausted but satisfied with empty suitcases.

You can find more impressions of the trip here:

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