Aid for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria


For the earthquake victims at the Turkish-Syrian border there have been several relief actions of Menschenfreude e.V.. These included school campaigns by the Amos Comenius High School in Bonn, the Maximilian Kolbe High School in Cologne and various cooperation partners. The money raised was used to buy food and tents. Currently, we support regular summer camps for traumatized children and continue to provide food for those affected.
Menschenfreude eV Erdbebenhilfe Dank

Fundraising campaign of the Amos-Comenius-Gymnasium Bonn

“The student council of AMOS sold chocolates to the students* during the break on three days in February. In the end, a large sum was made – more than originally planned.” Our volunteer and co-organizer of the campaign, Judith John, reports. “This sum was provided to Menschenfreude e.V. for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. Tents were purchased from that, as well as food, and set up and distributed on site.”

The student council thanks all donors via Instagram 
Group picture of the helpers
Our trailer was also used here to drive donations to the loading point

Charity run at the Maximilian-Kolbe-Gymnasium Cologne

At the MKG in Cologne-Porz, Rector Claudia Roche had initiated a charity run. For Menschenfreude e.V. Janine and Oliver Drathen were on site. In the video, the two take you with them: 

The money raised goes 1:1 into our Turkey-Syria engagement.

Ceremonial handover of cheques at MKG Cologne

Further distribution of the donations – by our helpers

Our volunteer Hamada Alhaij took care of forwarding the money to Syria. The share for Turkey was coordinated by our volunteer Sunay Sengülsen. Both have family networks in the countries, so that a reliable forwarding is given. Tents and food were purchased. Larger goods, including around 500 cuddly toys via, were kindly transported to us free of charge by the company DHL, coordinated by DHL employees George Adejube and Dr. Dirk Olufs. Our special thanks go to all of them!

The team around Sunay Sengülsen.
Loading of the donations

Arrival of relief supplies in the country

From our coordinating staff and their helpers, we have repeatedly been sent pictures that have touched us very much. (We had kept you up to date on Instagram. Feel free to check out the story highlight Earthquake). Here is an excerpt from the numerous impressions:

Distribution of in-kind donations in a street affected by the earthquake….
… Food distribution…
… Food distribution in a warehouse…
… Tents were gratefully received

Cooperation with Organisation To All Nations e.V. and Hoffnungswerk e.V.

We also supported an initiative of the friendly organization To All Nations e.V. with our donations: This made it possible to set up camps for traumatized children from the earthquake regions.

Traumatized children participate in camp…
… a guided program is designed to help them cope.

Our cooperation partner Alex Steinbach reports: “The camps take place in the Bekaa Plain, a large plateau in Lebanon. In two weeks, there will be about 70 children here per day. There are then around 420 children per week. They are picked up from the refugee camps and provided with a great program of good food during their time in these camps. For many kids, this is the best time of their lives.”

The children like the program – pictures say more than 1000 words…
Impressions from the summer camp
The gratitude is certainly great

Thanks to all donors and helpers

We would like to thank all the helpers for their great support of our project!

Of course, we continue to welcome donations:

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Thank you very much!

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